Sophronia Liu … on memoir….

13 Feb

“Just last Saturday, at least two women in my class started to describe how they feel torn and conflicted about their relationships with their mothers—because of our ‘duty-bound’ society, and the lack of proper communication….Writing their stories allows them to discover the hidden feelings behind what they used to consider ‘humdrum’ every day existence.  They are beginning to understand who they are, and what is really important.  That is the best reward of memoir-writing, and the best reward for being a teacher.”


Imprint – Women in Publishing

4 Feb

Sophronia was part of Women in Publishing Society, Hong Kong and one of her stories features in their latest anthology “Imprint”.

2 Feb


Rainy Day in the New Territories.  By Stephanie Liu 1980 

This is a painting of where Sophronia grew up. 


A Shimmering Sea – Hong Kong Stories

1 Feb

A Shimmering Sea - Hong Kong Stories

Cover of Sophronia’s upcoming book.

A Shimmering Sea – By Sophronia Liu

1 Feb

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